Wednesday, February 02, 2011


It's anniversary time. No, no, it's not the kind that you might think, it's our car's anniversary that's coming up. I've just serviced my car (which I should have done since last November). Our Latio is three years old come April and I've gotta spare some cash for the road tax and insurance. So much for an anniversary gift, huh?

But our dear old Honda Civic, the car my husband's driving, hasn't been maintained for almost a year now. I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with the head gasket. We need to find a good mechanic to tell us why the car is clanking suspiciously. Other than that, the car's been running well despite the beat up exterior. Oh, did I mention the road tax and insurance for that car expired a few days ago and we haven't renewed them?

Our autoshops here in the village is not like the Los Angeles auto repair or something. It will be handy if we could use a website to estimate the cost of repairing the vehicle ourselves and get useful tips and info as well.

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